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Graduating is a bittersweet experience that everyone hopefully gets to do when the time comes. It is a time to reflect on the years you have been through, and to take a moment to realize that you are one step closer to your goal. Graduating is bitter because at this point it is time to say goodbye, not only to family, but also your best friends. You prepare yourself to separate from the people that you have spent years with.


Graduating is a time where you take a moment and realize where all your hard work through the years has got you. All the time of staying up all through the night to study for that big test or to get your homework done is now being acknowledged. Dedicating all those hours now seems worth it, because at the time it did not.


When you become a senior you hear all of these stories on how time will pass you by. I did not ever take what they said seriously because I thought it would go by slow like all the other years. Now I sit here, two and a half months away from graduation and I do not know where the time went. I can not get myself to come to reality, the thought of soon graduating has not hit me yet.


I can not wait to sit next to my best friends at graduation as all my family sits in the stands and cheers us on. Graduating is one step closer to getting where we want to be in life and succeeding with who I want to be. After we graduate we do not have to say goodbye forever, maybe this is just a see you later.


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