Fraternities & Sororities


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Fraternities and sororities get a lot of criticism to the point people actually believe they should be banned. For example, there have been an abundant amount of rape cases, alleged and real, that make parents fear what environment their children are being opened to. As well as, incoming students desire to join fraternities/sororities in order to be a part of the party life and gain social status. However, not many incoming students are aware of the amount of hazing scandals that many fraternities/sororities have been guilty of committing. On a brighter note, there are fraternities/sororities that do a lot of charity work and do not participate in these immoral acts. Therefore, whether or not you are planning to join a fraternity/sorority when you head off to college, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of these Greek organizations.

To begin with the disadvantages, hazing scandals and rape cases are very common among fraternities/sororities. Furthermore, ever since 1970 there has been at least one death due to hazing each year. Although forty four states have banned hazing and “hell week” many fraternities/sororities still participate in it. As well as, sorority members are more likely to be victims or sexual assault and fraternity members have a higher risk of committing sexual assault. These problems can most likely connect with the fact that

fraternities/sororities are usually the largest on campus setting for drinking.

Knowing all of these disadvantages, there has to be some pros in joining a fraternity/sorority. Examples of some advantages are that fraternities/sororities provide academic support, career opportunities, and leadership development. In addition, not all fraternities/sororities are like the ones in the movies. For example, plenty of fraternities/sororities are philanthropists and take part in charity work. Overall, there is a good and bad in everything and if you are planning to join one of these Greek organizations make sure to research the fraternity/sorority to make sure it is fit for you!


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