Flight 9525


Staff Writer


On March 25, Germanwings  Flight 9525 crashed into the Alps. The plane left the airport at 10:01, and at 10:40 the last transmission was sent in. The plane had 144 passengers and 6 crewmen. Among the passengers were 16 schoolchildren, 2 teachers, and 3 Americans.

Shortly after the plane crash, search and rescue sent helicopters to search the wreckage. Search and Rescue said the biggest piece of wreckage they found was only the size of a car. Seven investigators were sent to the crash site to see what happened They located the “Black Box”; two boxes are kept in the cockpit of the plane that records radio transmissions and the flight controls. Although it was damaged they could still use the recordings to find out what exactly happened, but the second black box has yet to be found. Upon inspection they found that the Captain ,Patrick Sondenheimer ,may have been locked out of the cockpit when the plane went down. It is assumed that First Officer Andreas Lubitz was the person who crashed the plane. Lubitz was taken out of his pilot training due to his burnout and depression he had been suffering. Lubitz suffered from major depressive disorder and was hiding illness away from his employers. Police are now investigating Lubitz and searching his apartment for clues about a possible motive.

The investigations still continue onto the week. They have not turned up anything that would explain why the co-pilot would crash the plane.


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