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 Face Off

I am not quite sure how many of you know about the show called Face Off, but if you do not know, well this is your chance to learn about it and become a lover of it. Face Off is an amazing TV show on the Syfy channel that revolves around the world of movie makeup and character creation. You see a group of contestants that you will grow to love and respect as you watch their talents.


Though some people would think of this show as nerdy or boring, it is actually a really interesting way to see how some of our favorite characters are created. There are three judges: Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page, and Ve Neill, who just so happens to be the makeup artist for all the Hunger Games movies that we know and love. Even if you think that this kind of special effects show is not for you, you should still give it a try. Once you see all the amazing colors and paints that they use to make the creatures, you will not only change your mind, but you will be hooked.


Every season the show comes up with crazy amazing new concepts like chess pieces, alien robots, trolls, or even Tim Burton type looks. They never seem to run out of themes and new ideas. The contestants are brought in and given time limits on their characters but through the show, we get to see the process of how movies and special effects are done with the molds and paints and costumes that bring a character to life.


Some amazing artists, tattoo artists, and sculptors come on this show not knowing the first thing in mold making. Lots of the contestants do not know how to create these pieces that are used to transform a model into a monster, yet by the end of the season the best of the best are left. In the finally, we see a battle of usually three spectacular characters per group with three groups and the best makeups that hold up through the action win and become champions.


Once again, to those of you that think a show like Face Off is only for nerdy dorks, you are sorely mistaken. Some of the most memorable movie moments were made by the people that you will see on this show. So I suggest that everyone who has not taken a look at this show give it a try, and those of you who have… well I already know you love it and will continue to love it as well as be avid supporters of it.


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