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If you have read my other Dinner Seth Ruizarticles; then surely you have been preparing yourself for this next one. With the last two consecutive articles named after meal times, of course you would. If you have not read my last two articles; I suggest you give them a read and join in on my opinion or simply contest it. As I said in my “Lunch” article; I do highly believe lunch is the best time of day. Although I say this, the fight between choosing lunch and dinner being my favorite time of day was a brutal battle.

Let’s be honest, every person on the planet is always looking forward to dinner. It is a pastime that you can indulge yourself with a three course meal and forget about any problems. The only time of day that you can truly eat that much food and not be judged because everyone else around you is doing the same. If you’re the person that eats healthy and you take “Cheat days,” make sure to stop eating little fatty snacks and just go all out at dinner. You’re wasting your “Cheat day”. Go out to a great restaurant and stuff your face with what makes your stomach love you even more.

We all know how much we love dinner; but as you know I also look at meal times in other ways as well. Such as meals, of course you can eat any food at any time; but which ones are considered actually dinner foods? As I said before, you should enjoy a three course meal. This means that dinner meals are big proportions of regular lunch foods. Foods like sandwiches, burgers, burritos, etc. Sure, you will go to McDonalds for lunch and have a small burger; but when you go to Red Robin for dinner you get a larger burger.

My point being, people love dinner because it is the time of day that they get a larger proportion of food. Try to think about most of your dinner meals that you have had. Mine are always a huge proportion compared to other times of the day. So, why do people love dinner? It is the time of day you can show the world how big your belly is. I love dinner; but lunch will always beat it for me.

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