Audi R8

by Andrew Tessmann

Staff Writer


The Audi Company is a German auto company that makes some of the finest cars available for purchase. The Audi R8 is on my top list of cars, its design is just magnificent and if you were to see one on the street your jaw would drop and you would stare until it was out of sight. The Audi R8 comes with 3 choices of engines, the V8, the V10, or if you’re wanting more speed than there is a need for, even if you have a need for speed, the V10 plus. This beast of a car can put out 550 horsepower, that’s just a bit off of the Ferrari 458. If you want to buy this car you’re going to have to pay around the average of $160,000. This price pales in comparison to other supercars like the Porsche 918 Spyder, which sells for a massive amount of $845,000 or the Bugatti Veyron which sells for around $2 million. The Audi R8, like most cars made by Audi, comes with a trademarked Quattro engine which is a 4 wheel drive. You’ll see people posting pictures of their Audis out in the snow and that’s because they handle so well in terrains other cars don’t. Supercars are something that I think everyone enjoys; if you have a supercar you won’t be able to be sad while driving it. People who own supercars have said that even after owning the car for a long time their eyes still light up whenever they see it in their driveway or garage. There’s just something about knowing how much speed and power you possess in a car that looks so amazing. The Audi R8 isn’t the fastest or the most expensive car you can buy, but if you roll down the street in one people will turn their heads and think that is a fast, extremely expensive car. In reality this car is entirely affordable compared to other supercars out there, and I say you’re getting about the same experience.


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