Power Outage


Staff Writer

Last Thursday ourPower outage kaley school experienced something from another world: a power outage. Now at home this unnatural occurrence is usually followed by an outpour of “Oh no, right in the middle of the day!” or “I can’t see a thing!”. But for some peculiar reason, when the lights flash out during Mrs. Jolly’s fifth period class, all hell breaks loose. Now why is that?

It’s as if straight from the plotline of a movie. The power goes out and everybody is supposed to hit the deck, there’s a war coming. But that, in the real world, is usually not the case. Our generation has been bottle fed by the biggest curiosity nutrient: the media. Every out-of-the-ordinary thing that hits the interesting valley town of Visalia attracts every single person’s focus. In part for good reason. We have a thirst for this stuff, we are ready for the zombie apocalypse hiding behind the corner or the war zone in our backyard. We feel, for some odd reason, that at any moment the world will turn.

But no, this power outage was solely a power outage for the school (not to demote the victim of the fatal crash that sadly triggered the scene), but the students themselves could not control themselves.

I feel even more pity for the freshman classes, those rampant monsters were up and screaming before they could see the smoke billow in the clouds. It basically just makes people uneasy. And  when people are uneasy, chaos inflicts society. A dive into the abnormal and atrocious ways that people in today’s age are totally and completely immersed in a want-to-be fiction lifestyle which involves non-stop action and drama. Most people live by the idea that everything is a live action film that start themselves. But is this really helping the situation or causing even more of a disturbance? Nonetheless, no matter what unfortunate and death defying occurrence happens, always remember, curiosity killed the cat.

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