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There is a constant Popular Apps and Games... Shelby Jehlechange in preference of apps from day to day. One day it is all about Angry Birds and Temple Run… I know a blast from the past! Think back to when those silly little games were all the rage and people played games like Fruit Ninja until their eyes bled.

Now as much as I’d like to say Trivia Crack and Fat Booth are the main games now, but that is not true. We have within about a month and a half moved on to Evil Apples because like Trivia Crack, it is a friends game. This is just like the adult game Cards Against Humanity but on your phone, so no matter where you are you can stare at your phone more and play silly cards with all your friends.

Even though at this point in time we are totally into games that are “group games” where you can play with friends, we have also received many other apps that you may not really know about. If you have an iPhone and it is up to date at iOS 8.2 than you might have noticed the new Apple Watch app. Is this app really necessary? Unless you have the new watch you do not really need it on your phone. This app just takes up a bunch of space on your phone and is not needed unless you actually are planning on having the expensive watch, so therefore you get this undeletable app that does nothing for you.

Your phone has access to all kinds of fun and new apps and games that you may not even know about. Now that all of the “older” games that we onced played religiously are done, we move to more grown up games such as Evil Apples and Trivia Crack where you can play and play with all your friends forever and ever. The next time you are checking out apps on the app store or just seeing the new updates on your phone, give them a long look over and see what is useful and what is not. Maybe the Watch app is not what you need but who knows the Health App could be. There are so many new games and apps out there go visit the app store and see what you can find, what is new, and what is old news. Who knows maybe you will be the one to discover the cool new app that will take over everyones life.

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