Opinion on Horns the Movie


Staff Writer

Horns TommyIn the movie Horns, the main character, Ig Perrish, played by Daniel Radcliffe, started sprouting horns out of his head after his girlfriend was mysteriously murdered and left for dead after being sexually assaulted or raped. Ig is ultimately blamed for the death of his girlfriend, Merrin WIlliams. As Ig begins to grow horns people begin to confess their sins to him, even their deepest darkest secrets. He basically brings out the worst in people to see their true selves and he does it unintentionally. As time goes on he grows more and more into the image of the devil and although the devil is seen as evil, he is not. This movie is filled with little hidden metaphors and all sorts of clues to the idea of morality and good versus evil in terms of religious ideas. Although the movie is not at all religious, it does take the idea of evil from a religious perspective. The movie in my eyes is about a boy who is given a supernatural gift in order to find out what happened to the girl he was destined from his childhood to be with for eternity. He brought out the worst in people the same way I guess the devil would in people, but he used it to find what happened the night his girlfriend was killed. Although he was a fallen angel in the end he still was redeemed for rooting out the real evil in man. It showed, although he had reached a point of total evil, he could still be redeemed for all of the bad, and that showed that all those people, no matter how much evil in their heart, could still be redeemed. Unless you let the evil in your heart control you the way it did to Lee Tourneau until that was all he could think. He was so evil, not even Ig could bring out the worst in him, because he was already so far gone. He lied to physical embodiment of evil. The movie was so dark, I loved it. It brought a really bizarre idea out and made it almost glow. Although the movie was dark and weird, it still hit home to something everyone could relate to because of the way the people in town acted. The movie was kind of gruesome in some parts especially the way the murderer kills Merrin, but honestly it really does add to the theme and feeling of the movie. You can almost feel the evil that surrounds everyone in the movie and it makes you put hope into Daniel Radcliffe’s character even though he’s the fallen angel. It really gives new perspective to what truly might be right or wrong.

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