NCAA on Syracuse Violations


Staff Writer

On Friday, March 5, the National College Athletic Association, better known as NCAA, made public a 94-page report on violations made by Syracuse College’s athletic department. The report comes after an 8-year investigation of self-reported violations dating all the way back to 2001. The violations include academic misconduct, with athletic staff completing classwork for players, extra benefits given to students, and also the failure to adhere to drug policy, among other infractions.

The university has since taken their men’s basketball team out of any postseason play this season as a form of self-punishment. Still, the NCAA took further action by suspending Syracuse basketball head coach, Jim Boeheim, for 9 ACC games, taking away 12 scholarships, placing the university under a five-year probation, and ordering the nullification of all wins wherein an ineligible player participated. This penalty could drop Coach Boeheim down as far as 6th all-time in wins, who was previously behind only coach Mike Krzyzewski and needed only 34 more wins to reach 1,000.

Coach Boeheim and the university, however, are said to be planning an appeal to the NCAA’s decision. Syracuse’s chancellor, Kent Syverud, released a statement saying that, “Although the university recognizes the seriousness of the violations it has acknowledged, it respectfully disagrees with certain findings of the Committee.” Syverud says that the university does not agree that it, “failed to maintain institutional control over its athletics programs, or that men’s basketball head coach Jim Boeheim has taken actions that justify a finding that he was responsible for the rules violations.”

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