Too Stressed to be Blessed


Staff Writer

My uncle constaHannah Jntly tells me to “learn as long as you can because after that you have to work for the rest of your life.” But what he does not know is the amount of stress we teenagers experience while we are in the midst of this whole “learning” thing.

There is the homework, the tests, the quizzes, and the benchmarks testing your understanding of what you are learning and also testing your ability to learn it all in one night.  Not to mention finals. . . The worst two weeks of the school year. In between the cram sessions, the crying, and the meltdowns, you debate dropping out and giving up completely.

Then there are grades. The fact that we can check our grades at any moment of the day probably only adds to the stress. Every high school student knows good grades equals happy parents, and happy parents means less lectures and more freedom. So we participate in every single extra credit activity, quiz, and assignment we can for that extra bump. And then, we continue to stress and obsess over our grades until the semester is over and we can finally breathe.

And that stress does not stop at high school; we are stressing about our futures.

We sign up for the challenging AP classes in order to look good for college. Only to get overwhelmed with the piles of homework and the looming due dates to end up waiting until the last minute to write that 1,000 words essay.

But, even though the stress is completely overwhelming and irritating, and no matter how many times we say we are going to give up, or we will take that F, we don’t. We push through and eventually, all that stress we are currently enduring will pay off. All of that perseverance and determination will be worth it. Because as it turns out, sometimes we actually do need this stuff in real life.

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