Talking About Things People Actually Care About


Staff Writer

My article this wBridget B-talkingeek was supposed to be about overpriced plane tickets. The plan was to make some broad statements about our economy, detail the extravagance of the airline system, inevitably complain, and conclude with a cliche somewhere along the lines of, “…yet we continue to participate in air travel.” But alas, I am not going to write on this topic. I have planned to do so on numerous occasions now, and decidedly, it is time that I admit something to all three of you who will read this: I am never going to write an article on plane tickets. And I am never going to do so because people have not, will not, and do not care to read about this topic. And that there is my point: people all-too-often write about what others do not care for, and, yes, this is rude to say. It is arrogant. I am indeed being pretentious in saying so. But frankly, I accept all above terms, because I am not going to read an article about plane tickets written by an 18 year old highschooler, and nor do I expect someone else to. I am going to read an article on a current political issue. I will read one on a social issue. I will even read a rant about the idiocy of the ignorant, but I will not care to waste my time on an article talking about nothing less and nothing more than a topic I do not care for. This is why not every writer is published. This is why (at least partly), people would rather watch a news clip than read a news article. We talk about the mindless, the diluted, the monotonous, and no one cares to listen. Call it ironic, hypocritical, even, that I am, as of now, writing an article falling under this exact category. But at least I admit my fault. I am tired of people, especially at my age, having this idea that adequacy is, indeed, adequate, when the bar was raised a long time ago. Yet we breed the idea that “just getting by,” will do more than just that: it will take you far, which is contradictory to the very core. And so if there is anything that I now ask, it is that we please, please, please, start talking about things that people actually care about.

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