Miss Tulare County Pageant


Staff Writer


Saturday February 28, twenty-four contestants of the Miss Tulare County Pageant took to the stage at the LJ Williams theatre to compete for the title of Miss Tulare County and Miss Tulare County Outstanding Teen. It was a night full of beautiful gowns, beautiful girls, and friendly competition.

First was the opening number, where all of the lovely contestants were introduced to the audience one by one.Following the number, the Miss division was asked personal questions, as well as questions regarding the issues going on locally, nationally, and internationally. In the next portion, each contest in the teen division did a workout routine to display their physical fitness and healthy lifestyle. After the teens, the Miss division competed in the bikini portion to display their fitness as well.

Next came the talent portion where the girls each got the opportunity to showcase what makes them special. It ranged from speedpainting to dancing, monologues, and singing. The contestants thought long and hard about their talents and walked off the stage extremely proud of their performances. Evening wear came next. The girls showed off their beautiful dresses and the teen division answered the questions that the Miss division was asked earlier, which concluded the competition.

After intermission, Remington Beno, Miss Tulare County Outstanding Teen 2014, Jamie Byerlee, Miss Central Valley Outstanding Teen 2014, Tara Broderick, Miss Tulare County 2014, and Blaire Bostwick, Miss Central Valley 2014, all came onstage to say goodbye and wish their successors good luck. After much anticipation, the results were in. Katlyn Stuhaan is now Miss Tulare County Outstanding Teen, Elizabeth Sartuche is Miss Central Valley Outstanding Teen, Victoria Alberti won Miss Tulare County, and Samantha Rhoden was crowned Miss Central  Valley. Congratulations to all that were involved.

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