Staff Writer

I once dreamed of a mansion

Hidden away in the forest

The trees stood like giants

Watching my every move


The branches were like arms

Reaching out

To my cold and friendly hands

As if they were trying to lure me


But I proceeded forward

Numerous lights in the distance

Caught the attention of my eyes

The giants tried to warn me.


Their snake like vines

Slithered behind me

And wrapped themselves

Around my thighs


As if shouting no

They tried to pull me away

I pulled out my pocket knife

And violently cut the giant off of me.


A faint moan shook the earth

As the vines slithered away

I seeked sanctuary

In the lights that were presented before me.

Like a rebellious boy.

I ran away from the trees.

Ignoring their soft moans

But I felt as though they were screaming.


When I made it to this light

It was a mansion

So grand so tall

Full of joy, no despair at all.


Without hesitation or question

I walked towards its magnificence

What secrets will I uncover?

When I open these doors


I pushed with all my might

The doors swing open

In pure awe

To what my young eyes laid upon


A wonderful ball!

Not the kind you bounce

But the party kind

Where everybody is sweet and nice!


A woman appeared in front of me

Offering me a drink

My favorite soda!

A delicious Coca Cola


It was only a couple of minutes

Till I was enjoying myself

Everyone having a grand time

Dancing under the bright chandelier.


Then my eyes caught a group

Different from the crowd

Quiet and mysterious they are

They all wore masks, sealing their identities.

They all stared at me.

Feeling a discomfort shiver go down my spine

I looked down at one’s hand

My pocket knife!


Scared from head to toe.

I ran to the main doors

This time seeking sanctuary

Back to the forest.


As I grew closer,

A giant reached his vine out to me.

But the door slammed in front of me

And I felt an object peirce me.


I fell on my back

And the group of masked figures

Made a circle around me

As I regretted leaving the forest that protected me.

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