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At the Oscars on February 22, 2015, John Legend and rapper, Common, performed their song from the new movie, Selma. The movie focuses on the issue of race in 1964, even though the South was legally desegregated a year before that. The song, Glory, talks about how one day all races will have acceptance and keeping the glory world-wide with everyone being in agreement, and racism nonexistent. “Hands to the Heavens, no man, no weapon, formed against, yes glory is destined”, They are describing how one day nobody will have weapons feeling the need to use them on other people and glory will come. They begin to show how they responded to the treatment from other races and the, “They say,’Stay down’ and we stand up”. The song won the Oscar for best original song. After the performance of the song, there was hardly a dry eye in the building. The song’s original meaning, along with the feeling put into the performance made the audience think about these hard times and all the obstacles the African-American races encountered in a country that supposedly had free rights to all men. The performance brought all the feeling into that night at the Oscars. When we are reminded of these issues, we feel more obligated to fix them and make sure they never affect anyone negatively again. With this song receiving an award and being performed to all these people, more of them want to help solve this problem. Although this may only be a song, this can be taken as an inspirational call to fix an issue that still partially exists in our society today, even though it was legally ended long ago.

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