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Everyday, by DaviBooks- jaquelined Levithan, is a book I fell in love with the minute I started to read it; till this day it is my favorite book. In the book there is this thing that is called “A”. It does not have a body itself, it wakes up everyday in a new person. He lives the day as the person would, he is just experiencing how they live. He has his own memories from when he was younger, but he can not tell if they are his memories or the memories of the young child he use to travel through. When he lives a day as a new person he tries not to get attached to anyone because he knows he will be gone the next day. He tries to live the day as the person would so no one will get suspicious. He soon falls in love with a girl and tries to keep in contact with her no matter where or who he wakes up as the next day.

He was tired of living the life of other people, all he wanted was to live his own life so he could be happy with the girl.He wanted to do whatever he wanted to without feeling selfish and like he was taking something away from the person. He knows and understands that he can never be with the girl, so he accepts it and breaks off all contact with her .

This book is good to read because there are so many different personalities in it, so many lives that are different from each other. It helps give you a look into how other people live and what they go through. Everyone has their own battle and tries to fight through it. It shows you that life is not always fair, we have obstacles in our lives that we must overcome. It maybe hard and you sometimes have to sacrifice the things you care about to start over. I would recommend every person to read the book Everyday.

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