Television Shortage


Staff Writer


Do you feel like there are too many commercials? Well, too bad, because there is going to be even more. A whole two minutes worth. Now some people have mixed reactions to this news. I, for one, think it is a terrible idea. We who have the privilege to own a television paid to do so. Now our time is limited for the sole purpose of more commercials.

Another person would disagree to say that more commercials is a beneficial idea. A majority of those oppose it after hearing the reason behind it.

The television cables agreed for the extra two minutes of commercials for the bonus of  around $68,000. But they are not cutting out footage from the actual television shows. They are speeding up the content, some viewers have already noticed the shows being noticeably quicker than usual. Older shows like Friends, I Love Lucy, and Seinfeld are put on the fast forward button, the characters are speaking quicker, walking faster, and the theme songs are even exhilarated.

Television is used for entertainment. Nowadays the cable companies are altering it to receive more money. I personally feel the viewers should have a say in the situation as well. More commercials mean more breaks from your intense television show which also means more cliffhangers to go to a commercial break. Nothing bothers me more than a cliffhanger!

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