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Photographs, if you think about it are one of the best ways to capture a great moment. In one second you can have a moment captured and in your hands forever. Photos come in many different sizes and can be placed on a variety of things. You can have a picture of a mug, a keychain, a shirt, and  a magnet. The best part is that the photo can last forever if you let it, just as long as you take care of it and put in a place that is close to your heart. It amazes me how you can have a piece of moment with you forever. A memory that is not just something you can tell, but something you can show. Within seconds of looking at a photo a rush of memories just come to mind and an instant smile will appear on your face.

I have a picture of my friends and I at Disneyland in front of the ferris wheel, when I look at it I see a moment that I can remember so clearly. There is so much more than what is viewed in the picture. To you, you see a group of friends together smiling for the camera at the happiest place on earth. To me, I not only see that, I remember how much of a struggle it was to get someone to take the picture, and for us all to stand still in one spot. I remember the pain of my feet and the complaints from my friends about the hurt in theirs. I can recall the moment of feeling rushed because we were running out of time to get to a ride, and one of our friends just had to have us all take a picture in front of the ferris wheel. She said, “ Guys please, it will only take a second!” I can remember all of the adventures we had on that day just by seeing on photo.

It is always great to be years from the event , but once you hold the photo in your hands or even come across it on your phone you are reminded of it all. A photograph is not just a piece of paper with ink on it. To many it is something seen as a good, bad, or even complicated memory. Just one click you can have a picture of your child on their first birthday, and then as time passes by you could have a picture of them 18 years later. You will always have the picture for you to look back on. When one looks back at a photo there can be tears, laughter, and smiles spread throughout the room. The thing I love about photos is that they are always there to see, and be reminded of the great moments that occurred from the day.

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