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Horoscopes... Shelby Jehle

In any fun magazine you read these days there is a guarantee that you will flip through and find a horoscope page filled with constellations and daily advice. What, may some ask does this have to do with anything?  Well lots of people live their lives through horoscopes, and some feel they must read it daily to know exactly what is coming their way. It is fun to read about what will be happening in your near future and what will be happening in your love life, as say a Capricorn, Cancer, or Aquarius. The question is, are these horoscopes and zodiac signs really telling the truth?

Trusting something as random as a magazine telling you that you will have a hard day due to your stubbornness so be careful not to let that get in your way, oh, and you will find love in another person when you let go and look past your fears, seems rather sketchy. When I look at something like that I just want to say WHAT IS THIS?!?! In no way, shape, or form does that sound accurate, yet for some reason I find myself checking my horoscope and getting ready for that day of stubbornness. It is crazy to think that we let the stars and the planets influence how our day will go, or literally look back on your whole day and assess every moment to see if that one part accurately describes your day.

Nine times out of ten something in the horoscope will be right. Personally I look at zodiacs the same way I do fortune telling; both give an idea of what is going to happen but they do this by keying into small little things like bad/good mood, attitude, or emotion. Those feelings almost always are going to have entered your day at some point. Though they are fun and make you feel like you have something to look forward to; that does not mean that they are completely accurate. As a fellow teen and in the scorpio group, I can completely understand the appeal, and I myself like a good mini insight to my day for the fun of it. I still have to wonder who has the job of sitting and writing these horoscopes, and what makes them so special? How do they know the stars and their alignment so well that they can tell me the gist of my day, as well as my love life?

I know we all love to have something to rely on and give advice, and have something to blame for our daily crazy, but horoscopes, like unicorns, do not exist in a realistic accurate way. I would chalk them up to fun and creative ways to make yourself feel special like you have something that knows and understands you. Unfortunately that just is not true, only you know yourself so whether or not you believe horoscopes and zodiac signs have meaning and actually effect on your life, one thing I can say for sure about them is that they are interesting and very fun to read.

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