Why ISIS Wants Women


Staff Writer

Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, otherwise known as ISIS, has had a large recruitment of women compared to men. The whole concept seems surprising due to women being viewed as ones for peace not war and definitely not into joining terrorist groups. So why does ISIS want women and why are women joining? Well, maybe it is because of women’s peaceful image makes them the perfect distractor for evil.

First off, when it comes to trust, people tend to trust the words of a woman compared to the words of a man. Knowing this, women actually have the power to influence a civilian population during an attack with their motherly image. Civilians will follow these motherly figures seeking help when actually, in this situation, women are the enemy.

As well as, ISIS knows in order to be a strong terrorist organization they need to reach out to both genders. Unlike Al Qaeda who was against having women in their organization, ISIS views women as a great distractor during terrorist attacks. The whole idea is evil, ISIS is turning women’s peaceful image into a trap for disaster.

Then again, why are women joining ISIS? ISIS, an organization that enslaves and rapes their women, should not sound appealing to any woman. Surprisingly, women mostly join for the same reasons men do. They join for an adventure or because they want to be a part of something. However, ISIS is far from an adventure and far from something anyone would want to be a part of. Knowing this, ISIS’s campaign is manipulative enough for people to want to be a participant of evil. Even women recruit other women to join saying it is a “humanitarian cause.” We all know, that this is not the case with this terrorist group.

In addition, some women have no choice and are forced to join ISIS or face death. Whether they are forced through their families or love ones, it is wrong.

Therefore, women should be educated on world problems and the evils of certain organizations such as ISIS. “A women is a school, if you teach her, she can teach an entire generation” (The Light in Her Eyes).

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