The Truth Behind Valentine’s Day


Staff Writer

valentine's day kaleyAwe, how sweet. The time of the year has arrived ladies and gentlemen–ladies being more excited most likely. Time to empty your wallets, tell your significant other you love them to the moon and back, and oh yes, make them believe you are the best person on the planet; completely and utterly devoted to their happiness. It’s a pleasant thought. But does this special day in fact bring out the best in one’s soul mate, or give them another annual reminder of how they should start working harder in the relationship if they want it to last.

It’s no deception that this Holiday is definitely focused towards pleasing the needy women of the world. They wanted their lazy lovers to go the extra mile and do something that would sweep them off their feet and back in the mind set that “I want to spend the rest of my life with this man!” I, for one (and also because I am female), fully support the idea of dedicating one day of the year to getting back in touch with the reason we fall in love in the first place. What I don’t condone, however, is the gruelling competition to achieve the highest standards in relationship status by decorating the significant other with the stereotypical and outwardly flamboyant heart-shaped box of candy, giant teddy bear, and oh yes, a dozen roses.

This is how men in the past have continued to slip by this Holiday without the complaint that they didn’t try hard enough. Society has made it so easy for them to run to the store on their way home, pick up a few heart shaped items on sale, and return home in the hopes that their better half will brand them with the “Best Boyfriend Award”. Thanks to Hallmark, they don’t have to think about what to write on the card anymore, only about in what period of the relationship is it okay to give her a normal “You’re someone special” card or one that starts singing “Endless Love” to the tune of it opening. I guess this day could be used as a great tool to help weed out the good boyfriends from those not up-to-par. Yet overall, Valentine’s Day can range in a determinantal variety from the sad second grader who found their desk exempt from candy grams, the underachieving high school dropout who promises his eternal love over a dinner at Olive Garden, or the overpowering depressed lonely who want nothing more than that heart-shaped box of chocolates to eat away the pain.

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