Taipei Plane Crash


Staff Writer

On February 4, 2015 a TransAsia plane crashed into a river in Taiwan. The plane carried most Chinese tourists heading to the south-eastern Chinese city, Xiamen, from Taipei Songshan Airport. The plane was carrying 58 people when it crashed into the bridge and plunged into Taipei’s Keelung River. The plane at hand was a ATR – 72 turboprop plane. This has been the second crash from an ATR – 72 in seven months, last July, which killed 48 and injured 15.

There were 15 pulled from the wreckage out of the 58, but 12  people were still missing. Emergency teams were unable to reach the passengers trapped in the front of the plane. At night a crane was brought in to get the wreckage out and find the 12 missing people. It is unknown if the black box, which held information about the flight and the communications between the pilots and aerial control, was recovered. It was said Flight controllers lost contact with the plane at 10:55 local time.

Since then, an investigation was launched into the accident lead by the Taiwanese Aviation Safety Council. In their findings they found that the left engine had manually been shut off. Along with the investigation, all 49 TransAsia Airways ATR pilots were forced to take a proficiency test, which caused more than 100 flights to be canceled. Ten pilots failed, and 19 did not attend the testing causing a one month suspension. On February 11, TransAsia gave 14.9 million Taiwanese dollars ( ~$473,000 USD) in compensation to the families. Video Link.

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