Fifty Shades of Turds The Movie


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Fifty Shades Tommy V.
There are many reasons why “Fifty Shades of Grey” is terrible. IMDb’s description of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “literature student Anastasia Steele’s life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey.” And that is when it all goes downhill. Poor Anastasia. It’s like a bad Twilight fan fiction. Just the idea of it makes me angry. “Fifty Shades of Grey, the first book in E.L. James’s trilogy” should be the first indication of the fact that you’ll probably never see another one of these made into a movie again. The score on IMDb is 4.1 out of 10 and a metascore of 46 out of 100. That is seriously one of the worst movie ratings ever received in a long time. I know it’s not even the same genre but the only movie worse than this would probably be the movie “Tusk” which was so absolutely not funny it actually made me lose a few years of life from the negative amounts of laughter being had. Just the idea of the movie bugs me. People criticise others for pornographic material and although the movie is nothing close to the amount of sexual content of the book, it’s still considered fine by people who would look down on such things. It’s like a double standard wrapped in Christian Grey’s idea of romance. Jenn Wohletz on Westword writes, “Ana’s character hates other women (especially blondes for some reason) since she sees them as whores who are trying to steal her man; as a result, she has a lot of disturbing inner monologues about how she can’t stand her supposed best female friend.” The book makes people dream of relationships like this, yet it’s not healthy the way the book and the movie portray such a relationship as Anastasia and Christian’s.

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