El D vs. Tulare Western


Staff Writer

Girls Softball
On February 24th, El Diamante’s Varsity softball team took on Tulare Western in a satisfying victory. The Lady Miners start the season out right with a 5 to 0 win, both exciting to watch and play. Tahmia Beavers, #6 left fielder, who also contributed to two of the five runs of the game says, “We played a great game, and I expect nothing less from my hard working team mates. I can tell this is going to be a great season.” In the first few innings, the girls had managed to score 4 runs, finishing with 5 in all. #2 Mia Holguin, #5 Cassie Carlisle, #15 Janelle Tumacder, and #6 Tahmia Beavers, previously mentioned, were all runners who scored in the game. Cambria Cardenas, #7 explains, “We work well together as a team. There was no doubt we would have this win.” Be sure to make it to their next home game, February 29th, to watch the El Diamante softball team score another win.

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