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This time of the dayBreakfast - Seth Ruiz is mostly seen as a glorious time to be alive. I am pretty sure almost everyone loves breakfast. Although, in my opinion, I do not appreciate it as much as others. In fact, I do not have breakfast most mornings and I simply wait for lunch to come by. I have tried plenty of times to enjoy breakfast but my body simply will not let me. If it has something to do with my body; then i’m simply not cut out to handle the morning delight. I have taken in many breakfast meals in the morning and every time my stomach always feels terrible. I have friends that can not have breakfast as well because it makes them feel terrible after they have it.

Although, I can not have breakfast in the morning, I do very much enjoy breakfast type food, such as bacon, eggs, toast, hashbrowns, pancakes, and many others. My only problem is having it in the morning. When I wake up from a terrible sleep and I have a breakfast meal my stomach feels gross. I can have bacon and eggs for dinner and it is a great meal. If I have bacon and eggs in the morning I am about ready to up-chuck everything I inhaled.

You see, the problem I have with breakfast is not the types of food involved with it; but in fact it is my stomach that does not allow me to enjoy them in the morning. Do not get me wrong here, I do love bacon and eggs but I just cannot handle them in the morning. I have to wait till the afternoon and for sweet lunch to come.

Breakfast to me is a time of day that I just can not take. That is my opinion on it that is heavily decided by my stomach; in whom I trust.

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