The Super Bowl


Staff Writer

Super Bowl... Shelby Jehle

The Super Bowl has come and gone, almost as if it never happened. The parties are over, the food’s all gone,  the screaming over your favorite team has died down, but let us just take a moment to recap this crazy game, as well as the commercials.

The Game: No matter what team you were rooting  for, Seahawks or Patriots, it was obviously a crazy game. One minute you are eating dip, thinking the Seahawks have the game, and the next you are flipping the chip bowl with excitement as #15 Jermaine Kearse makes a game changing catch last second and the odds of them losing become miniscule. Then, out of nowhere the Patriots #21 Malcolm Butler comes from out of nowhere and makes the game winning interception that sent every Seahawks fan into speechless anger. All that can be said was everyone expected the Seahawks to win and then all of a sudden the game was over with a 28-24 win for the Patriots.

Commercials: Everyone, everywhere comes together to watch the Super Bowl, but the game is only part of it. The commercials are looked forward to every year by all. Usually they are always funny and sometimes odd, but not this year. It seemed like the 2015 Super Bowl was determined to depress. Every commercial had a sad tone to it, silencing the room, making people think hard about some serious topics such as bullying and how we should be loving each other, as well as Nationwide’s mini story about a boy in an accident that would never get to experience life,  and Budweiser’s puppy getting lost and almost not making it home. This year turned out to be a very sad year, basicly trying to make people think about some more important things than having fun watching Doritos and Pepsi commercials.

Though this game had some crazy moments and the ending caused screaming and yelling all across the country, both happy and sad, we can all say it was a very interesting game and the ending was not expected. Both teams worked very hard and deserved to be there competing for that Lombardi Trophy.

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