The #LikeAGirl Campaign


Staff Writer

The stereotypes have been around for centuries, and surely, they will be around for many more years to come. Girls have always done things “differently”. The female’s ability, or lack there of, to run, hit, kick, or throw has been said to be lackluster compared to those of the opposite gender. But, when did doing something “like a girl” become such a negative thing?

On Superbowl Sunday, Always aired their #LIkeAGirl campaign commercials and asked the millions of viewers just that. The commercial featured teenagers, both male and female, being asked to kick, hit, throw, and run “like a girl,” and their performances demonstrated the stereotype society has had for females for centuries. But then, a group of young girls were introduced to the audience. They were asked to do the same things, but they demonstrated running, hitting, throwing, and kicking “like a girl” differently. Rather than conforming to society’s stereotype, they showed the power and strength females really possess.

Always states that as females go through puberty, “their confidence plummets and many never recover.” Always wants to change that. The company wants to take the insult out of the phrase “like a girl” and put some confidence back into females. Always is on a mission to prove the stereotypes wrong and make doing something “like a girl” an amazing thing.


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