Movie Review of Gone Girl


Staff Writer

Gone Girl, while praised for it’s vivid film talent, in my eyes, was a little more inadequate than masterful. I had watched the stars go up on stage during the famous Golden Globes to receive the famed award, and in that moment I thought to myself “This movie looks pretty good, it might be worth my time.” I’m here to tell you that it’s not. The entire movie is filmed in this grey hue as to make the already morbid plot seem like it’s attending it’s own funeral. The only good thing I was able to pull from this pathetic excuse of a thriller was the ability to see the devastatingly handsome Ben Affleck work his magic. Another famed character would be that of Neil Patrick Harris, from which his psycho ex-boyfriend viewpoint is not like any other he has played. There was no way I could take him seriously and for that, his dramatic role was not up to par.

Now I don’t want to spoil any part of this rancid film, but I will tell you the twist and turns could easily be calculated way before they were revealed. It’s as if they didn’t want to hide things from the audience that would normally keep them more intrigued. I was under the impression it was going to be a suspenseful and as much as a thriller as the famed Michael Jackson had danced to. It was solely devoted to a sad attempt of surprise and nothing more.

I honestly cannot understand how this movie could have won so many awards and be regarded with such high standards. There are plenty of other movies that were deprived of their spectacular film merit, mainly ones that had the shining light stolen by this ghastly feature.

This three hour movie was not worth my time, not only because it showed so many viewpoints that contradicted what the main plot was, but the ending alone made me want to erase my memory for having famished the last three hours. It was such an unbelievable let down especially for me to begin watching with such high hopes.

I would highly recommend not depleting your energy.  Instead of satisfaction, I ended that movie feeling angry, depressed, and above all with a sour taste on my tongue.

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