How to Deal with Annoying People at School


Staff Writer

Let’s be honest, school is filled with annoying people. Whether they are classmates or even teachers you are bound to meet someone who is just completely irritating. However, some people are unaware of their not so great trait, while others are completely aware of how annoying they are and for some odd reason find their trait to be humorous? Well, either way school is mandatory and we have to find a way to deal with these obnoxious people!

Let’s start off with the Patricias. Patricias are people who are unaware of how annoying they are. Patricias are the kinds of kids to just constantly talk to the point that when class is over you know more about what they did last weekend than the actual lesson you were supposed to learn. Although Patricias are annoying, they are not the worse, a simple “shut up, you’re annoying” here and there will just about solve the issue.

Relatively to Patricias are Taylors, Taylors are the kinds of people who think its ok to talk back to the teacher and think the world revolves around them. However, Taylors do not necessarily apply to girls, but anyone. As well as, Taylors can be handled almost the same way as Patricias because they do not realize how annoying they are. Therefore Taylors can be handled by addressing the problem face to face and proving the world does not revolve around them.

Then there are Marks. Marks are the absolute worse. They are the kinds of kids who will kick the back of your chair and constantly make jokes that are not even remotely funny. They are the kinds of kids who will feed off your anger and try to be even more annoying. Even ignoring them is hard to do, because lets face it, most of us would go crazy! The thing about Marks is that every one of them is different, yet most of them can be stopped the same way. One person can not change a Mark, it takes a group effort. In order to stop a Mark the whole class needs to ignore them and silently bring them down. It may sound harsh, but think of it as a lesson to them. However, there is something to keep in mind before taking this advice. Every Mark has a reason behind their annoyingness, and a reason could be a lack of attention. So, ignoring a Mark can actually make things worse. I guess the only true way to stop a Mark is to actually get to know them, and I mean become a good friend of theirs. If you befriend them and just ask how their day is going, you will be able to fill that emptiness in them that lacks attention.

Lastly, how to deal with annoying teachers. Hate to break it to you, but you just have to  suck it up. Sadly, because you are not allowed to change classes based on your judgements toward a teacher. The only thing you can do is buy them their favorite food and respect them.

All in all, there is a solution to every problem. So, when it comes to dealing with annoying people at school, know that there is a way to stop the Patricias, the Taylors, and even the Marks. Now, you know how to deal with annoying and possibly form a friendship as a result of it.


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