Deli Delicious


Staff Writer

Deli Delicious has definiteDeli Delicious (Seth Ruiz)ly changed my views of sandwiches and how they taste. Anyone can throw a sandwich together and have it taste mediocre, but not too satisfying. Therefore, people go to places like Subway, Jimmy Johns, and Port of Subs to get their taste of a good sandwich. I have had every one of those listed places, and not a single one comes close to the quality of the sandwiches at Deli Delicious. At Deli Delicious, the prices may seem a little high for the sizes you can buy with 7 dollars; but it is all worth it. As soon as you take your first bite you will immediately understand why I prefer Deli delicious over any other sandwich joint.

You are probably wondering, “How is it better?”

Well let me tell you my curious citizen. As soon as you take the first bite of one of their sandwiches you will know how it is different from the others. For one, they stuff the sandwich with the condiments and every inch of the sub is filled with what you want. At a place like Subway, the first bite you take may not have that pickle that you have longed for. The same goes for Jimmy Johns and Port of Subs. These sandwich places only fill the sandwich with minimal fillings and it feels like a Taco Bell burrito; the first few bites are full of deprived tortilla. At Deli Delicious, every bite is filled with what you want and it all comes together beautifully.

Their veggies are fresh and their bread is always firm and full of tasty wonders. Make sure to always order something different. The way you build your sub is based off your size. All you have to do is tell them what size you want and the rest is up to you. You do not pay for the meat; but rather the size only. At Subway, you are paying a very high price just to have roast beef. this is another reason why I love Deli more than its competitors. If I have not convince you yet; there is one more thing i should mention. Are you tired of buying chips with a sandwich all the time?  Well, at deli Delicious you can buy some fries to go along that amazing sandwich. Their fries are as good as any and they fit along perfectly with any sandwich.

Next time you go to lunch, make sure to give Deli Delicious a taste test. Its next to Shanghai and they give a discount with the evidence of a student ID card from El Diamante. I guarantee you will want to go there almost every lunch.

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