Staff Writer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe worry of finding a formal date, finding a dress, or paying for dinner can cause a lot of stress for people. Well lucky for you, I have the perfect solution! Here is the checklist for the best Anti-Formal. 1) A great group of people 2) Goodwill suits 3) WinCo ingredients and 4) a game plan. In place of formal I held a “Casino Night” at my house. Some of my friends didn’t have a date or enough money to go. With a budget of $15 per person I was able to throw an antiformal for my friends. It felt a lot more special because we all had something fun to do together and was more intimate with a comfortable environment. I prepped by picking up decorations from party city where I also picked up casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. Then everyone took a trip to goodwill to make their own suits and find some dresses. We all had great luck for this snazzy night. I even scored a fondue fountain for $5 (this calls for chocolate covered strawberries). We also had dinner to plan, so a trip to winco was necessary. We grabbed some appetizers like cheese and salami then a veggie tray. For the main course, we grabbed few bags of pasta with a side of garlic bread then bam! Dinner is of the checklist. Now to really go with the theme, we added a jazz record for our background music. This night was a complete success and there was no regrets for missing formal. I encourage people that there is no reason to mope around when school dances like this come around. You just need a little bit of creativity and you can have a better time than you might think!

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