Staff Writer

Visalia - Seth Ruiz

I was born in Visalia but I have lived most of my life in the town of Reedley. Reedley is about a 40 minute drive from here. I lived in Reedley until I was 13. Once I finished 8th grade my parents moved our family to Visalia and I had to start a whole brand new life. I started my new life here at El Diamante as a Freshman. In Reedley I had heard a lot about the High School and how it is a terrible place to be. From the people that gave me their comments I figured that El Diamante would be on a whole different level. As a Senior here at El Diamante I can honestly say that Visalia definitely has the better high school. I have been at El Diamante for the past 3 years and it has been an experience that I will never forget. Visalia has other good high schools and compared to the life of Reedley; I love this city.

After spending 13 years in Reedley and 4 years here; I can honestly say Visalia is the better place. Although, this article is not about the comparison; but about how Visalia is a great place to live. Visalia has a lot to offer to the people that visit or to those who live here. I have met many amazing people that reside here in Visalia and every one of them make living here a great place. This lovely city may have some problems with its air quality and makes it smell as if a cow is following you, but it is something easily looked past once you discover more of Visalia. This city has everything it needs to be crowned a great city. It has everything I love. It has great people, many entertainment filled places, and most importantly, a great downtown. The past 4 years here in Visalia have been an experience that every person that comes here to live will have.

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