‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ sequel to be published in July


Staff Writer

TKAM - Ruby A

The novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee has remained a popular classic since its publishing in 1960; a sequel to this critically-acclaimed novel is to be released on July fourteenth of this year, in both paper and electronic format.

The sequel, titled “Go Set a Watchman,” was actually written before “To Kill A Mockingbird” in the mid-1950s. In the sequel, protagonist Scout Finch often refers to flashbacks of her childhood experiences with racial prejudice. As a first-time writer, Lee was encouraged by her publisher to first write a novel from the perspective of a young Scout. With this advice, “To Kill A Mockingbird” was published in 1960 and became a major success; the sequel was set aside and never returned to.

“Go Set a Watchman” includes many of the main characters of Lee’s first published novel, which is likely to capture fans of “To Kill a Mockingbird.” In the sequel, Scout Finch returns to Maycomb, Alabama from New York to visit her father, Atticus Finch. Scout must sort through her personal and political feelings about her hometown, her childhood, and her father’s new perception of society. Lee’s novel captures the harsh racial tensions that plagued society during the 1950s and is highly likely to be a popular read for many individuals.


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