The Ghost Under the Street Light


Staff Writer

Once upon a summer night

I walked on a lonely street

Where the blackbirds crow

And the creatures of the dark moan


My eyes caught something in the distance

It forced me to stop

Every inch of me froze

And it wasn’t because of the cold


There on the sidewalk

Under a street light

A woman stood there

Staring off into the night


Her skin was pale white

Body and limbs, nimble as can be

Her dark hair was dull and dead

She seemed lost and full of fright


Curious as George

I called out to her

Wanting to know her name

Bracing for possible beauty


She turned and looked not at me

But into me

Her eyes were like knives

Stabbing my curious soul


The way she stands

So crooked and broken

Her body possessed no signs

Of her own life

Her fingers twitching

Head constantly shaking

And blood went down

Her summer dress


Feelings of guilt in me rose

Out of the blue

My heart beated like a war drum

With each step I take


Her eyes dropped tears of blood

This made me feel pity

The stab wound on her neck

Made me feel… responsible


I began to question my own sanity

But one thing was clear

No doubt

She was murdered here


I gave my hand to her

But she stood still

Her pale face

Began to grow furious


She let out a piercing scream

Of fear and anger no doubt

I dropped to my knees

And felt the blood course out of my ears


The light above her flickered

Then it went out

Her screaming was gone

And my body was frozen stiff in shock


Alone in the dark

No sign of the woman

I continued my walk

With a mind full of thoughts

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