It’s ValenTIMES!!!


Staff Writer

ValenTIMES Day!!! Shelby Jehle

Now that we have reached that point in the new year, we must face this day filled with candy roses and hearts with excitement. Whether or not you have a significant other or not you can still enjoy this day because come on, what is better than a day devoted to eating sweets after sweets after sweets.

There are two types of people in this world, the ones that like Valentines Day no matter what their relationship status, and then there are the people that dislike Valentines Day with a passion because it is a “couple thing”. For the life of me I can not understand being like that, hating Valentines Day. This is a day where single or not you can buy yummy delicious chocolate and eat it all to your hearts content and not be judged for it. I mean what more can you ask for?

Though many people look at this day as “lonely”, it does not have to be. Many people think you need a man or woman to complete you, but that is just not true. Sisters before Misters, and Bros before H@%. If you are feeling alone, then get a group of your friends together and go hit up skywalk or Ultimate Laser Tag, maybe a nice round of footgolf. Don’t let a silly made up holiday for mushy lovey dovey people get you down. Take advantage, eat some candy and go have some fun because even though this is technically a couple day there is no reason why you can not enjoy it as well.

So whether you are single and ready to mingle or you are in a relationship, you can still celebrate this day of love and chocolate either with that special person or with Netflix and lots of food (both sound good to me). Either way, no matter what you are doing, one thing we can all appreciate about this Valentines Day is that it is a Saturday, so we all have the day off of school, hallelujah to that!!!

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