Dying Light Review


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Dying Light Review Kayla Yasuda

There are plenty of zombie video games out there and in a hit or miss situation it is often a miss. When creating a game revolving around a zombie apocalypse you have to keep in mind many surrounding  aspects: the graphics, the weapons, the setting, and the survival. Techland  has started the development of these categories in early 2012 and finished in early 2015.

Dying Light is a survival horror with cooperative RPG characteristics. The center protagonist, Kyle Crane, is an undercover operative on a mission to invade and gain access to a quarantine area set in a city called Harran. You play this character through a first person perspective as you go through main missions as well as side missions. This production consists of a day and night cycle which makes this unique. During the day you can freely roam the streets of infected zombies, but in the night the intensity level is multiplied. This is when Voltaires come out of their hiding place to hunt anything roaming in their sight. Voltaires are a faster much menacing looking zombie than just an everyday one. This thing is what you want to avoid at all costs because it is pretty much over for you if you get caught by one. This is why in the dark it is more important to stay quiet and heighten your awareness.

The weapons in this game is pretty cool due to the fact that you can combine objects to either produce flame or electricity. The weapons have a durability level so just like in reality it is all about strategy and timing. Now, the graphics. I have never seen a more beautiful zombie apocalypse. An average player can tell that there has been an immense amount of work put into the appearance alone. The gore of the zombies not only make you cringe but in the end leave you in awe. I would be perfectly fine if I was transported into this chaotic atmosphere.

I must also add the that there is an add on to this game to alter the perspective. And by alter I mean completely turn the game around and play the zombie. I personally flipped out when I found out you can be a Voltaire. This gives you an opportunity to hunt down humans while jumping from roof to roof.

This is available on the following platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. So if you have been debating on making this purchase GET IT. You will not be disappointed.

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