Top 5 Super Powers


Staff Writer



  • Super Speed


Let’s face it, the Flash is cool. He is known of course for his super speed, but what many people don’t know about the vast range of perks that come with it. Not only can he travel from A-B within seconds, he has the ability to regenerate himself in order to balance his metabolism. He is constantly vibrating and therefore could bust through most objects. Faster than the speed of a bullet, and for light in that matter, there is little that can stop this power. As if those advantages weren’t strong enough, he, by picking up rapid speed, can break the sound barrier and can travel through time itself. This capability can get you an implausible distance in record time. With this asset, you could never be late again.


  • Mind Manipulation


The brain is a tricky thing, but what if you were able to dive to the farthest reaches of what some people spend their entire lives attempting to study. Now what I mean by Mind Manipulation entails many different adaptations. You see it was hard for me to decide what power of the brain is the most influential, and so I thought I would be able to round up Telekinesis and Telepathy into the simple term of Mind Manipulation. Telekinesis: the ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means, and Telepathy: the communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses. It’s obvious to see why this skill would be cherished above most, because with the brain, little can go wrong.


  • Shapeshifting


The ability to morph into any person of object is alone pretty wicked. When fighting your arch nemesis, can give you a big upper hand. Full of deceit, harrowing disguises, and a power that can lead many others to mistrust you. That’s why this gain can give you a certain skewed type of dominance in the super human society.


  • Element Manipulation


Now I’m not specifically recalling the famous Last Airbender when I talk about Elemental Manipulation. Not only can you withholding this favor wield execution with the basic four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth, but you can advise things like electricity, energy, and even normal materials. It’s definitely a great power to have under your belt and some would arrange this in the God-Like category.


  • Super Strength


In my mind the most classic of all super powers, super strength has helped out many past heroes. When trying to save the world, this capability may be complementary to something bigger, but is very useful to have. Exactly why we find this at number 5.


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