The Way the World Spins


Staff Writer


I start the day with the shower

Fix my hair, put on some clothes

Eat my breakfast, brush my teeth

Then off I go to see my world


This world spins in different ways

Just seems in these days

One wrong word or move

And you’ll be thrown in the garbage shoot


I have friends and enemies

But that’s okay

If I die with a knife in my back

Hell, you just gave me a one way ticket away from traitors like you


Tried one too many times to get a girl

But it always ends the same

Somehow I’m the one

Who’s seen as the enemy in their way


At the end of my day

I return home

To a family I thank God for every day

They are the only people that keep me sane


Then I go to my room

Lock the door

Give a sigh of relief

And wonder how the world will spin the next day

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