The Black Keys


Staff Writer

If you love to listblack keysen to indie rock I suggest listening to The Black Keys. The Black Keys is an indie rock band that never fails to make you want to tap your feet to the rhythm. This band is by far my favorite band to listen to at any given moment. If you are a lover of music and you are open to many genres, I suggest you give this band some of your time. The band is only two men that definitely know how to make a hypnotizing beat. With Dan Auerbach on guitar and Patrick Carney on drums they never fail to make a great song.

The Black Keys have so many great songs that you can not narrow down a favorite. Songs like, Gold On The Ceiling, Lonely Boy, Fever, and Howlin’ for you. I am pretty sure you have heard one of their most famous songs, Tighten Up. If you do not remember, give it another listen and get ready to make it one of your new additions to your music library. Although Tighten Up is a great song, there are so many more that can make you turn a frown upside down. Check out their albums. They have eight albums and each of them are worth a listen. My favorite is their 2010 album “Brothers.” This album contains every one of my favorite songs by them. I may love that album, but I still listen to the others frequently as well. The Black Keys make amazing music that any person with ears should enjoy.

As a music lover myself, I went crazy for this band as soon as my brother showed me them when I was ten years old. Since then I have listened to one of their songs every day. I can never go one day without listening to a song with a melodic beat and some great lyrics. I humbly ask you to give this band a chance so they can change your look on indie rock. They have a lot of beats that will be stuck in your head all day. This group of two men will never fail to make great music and I wish them great luck for the future. The Black Keys is my favorite band and I love them; I’m sure you will too.

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