Miners Basketball 2/4


Staff Writer

Last Wednesday our fellow Miners battled against the Hanford Bullpups only to lose 54-29. Hanford led 4-2 by the end of the first quarter, but the players on both sides of the court were showing signs of aggression towards one another. By halftime they brought the difference up to 22-14. Ryan Johnson led the Bullpups by scoring 20 points and Trent Reynolds added 10. JC Robles and Matthew Boyd caught up to the Bullpups by adding 14 points on the board. The Miners defense was able to hold the Bullpups offense until entering the third quarter when they were outscored 18-2. In the third quarter tensions hit a high when a fight broke out between Ethan Myers and a Hanford guard. This game ended on a sour note for both teams, Bullpups took the win home with no signs of a celebration.  This brings El Diamante’s record to 14-8 and they are fourth in the West Yosemite League standings. Our Miners travel to Redwood this Friday night.

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