Keepin’ it Safe After Formal


Staff Writer


Is it sad that Keepin It Safe After Formalan article like this needs to be written? Come on boys and girls, we all know how to stay safe after our lovely formal dance. But, for all those crazy kids out there that need some pointers… here you go.

Step 1: When you exit those large glass doors of the convention center, the first thing you should do is AVOID drinking alcoholic beverages (stick to Pepsi and Coke products), drugs (of which are illegal), and other activities that can be troublesome (the last thing we need is mini stupids running around Visalia).

Step 2: Re-read Step 1 because that is seriously all you really need to do in order to stay safe after formal.

One of the common misconceptions of our young generation is that most of us believe in order to have fun, we need to partake in drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or again participating in other risqué activities. Though I have not lived on this fine Earth for very long, I can definitely say that it is possible to have fun without doing these activities. I know we all feel that peer pressure from our friends, but come on, how many stories about drunk drivers, car accidents, and death do we need to hear before we realize that it is just not worth it. How many episodes of 16 & Pregnant do we need to watch until we see that IT IS JUST NOT WORTH IT!

Now, I know those of you who read this won’t be magically enlightened and become complete saints, I mean we are all human and there are temptations, but this is our 2015 high school formal for goodness sakes. So before you pick up those bottles, and before you walk past those kind folks outside the convention center with safety packs and ignore them, please think what is the best thing for you and the people around you. Last but not least, have fun dance your butt off and keep it safe.

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