Girls Soccer 2/4


Staff Writer

On Wednesday FebGirls soccer 2-4ruary 4th, there was a girls varsity soccer game against Redwood. They lost 3-0 in an exciting and interesting game. In the first half, the teams were pretty evenly matched and had ended the first half in a tie  0-0. However, Lizangel Calderon was taken out due to being crashed into and resulting in a minor concussion. In the second half, Redwood had changed their strategy to chipping it up to their forwards and crashing all their forwards and midfielders into the box. Thier first goal was a power shot from inside the box and the keeper did not have enough time to get there. Kierstyn Wilbourn was running along a girl and the other had fallen which ended with her getting a uncalled for yellow card and being immediately subbed out. As she was walking toward the bench her teammate Ariana Gomez replied, “Oohh girl, you look good in yellow”! The second goal should not have counted. It hit the crossbar and bounced with half the ball over the goal line and the referee let the play continue until the ball was kicked out bounds. He then said he did not see if the ball was over the line or not and had consulted the Assistant Referee about whether he had seen the play. He concluded that it had gone over the line but it had clearly not to everyone else. The third goal was another powershot where half of the ladies had crowded up in the Miners box. The game got very aggressive and the Redwood girls were clearly not playing fair. One of the Miners stated, “ Yesterday at practice our coach told us that we played a fantastic game especially against such a hard team and he was very proud of us and said it was some of the best soccer we played as a team.” Overall, the Lady Miners played a fantastic game.

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