Formal Askings


Staff Writer

This weekend is foFormal Askingsrmal, which guys have been asking girls to for the past two months. I think that its so cliche that they have to ask in such big ways, which might even decide if the girl will say yes or no. Guys stress over this for weeks about if it is original or not, or if the girl will like it. It brings so much anxiety that it is more stressful than the dance itself. There’s the “I’ll be beary sad if you don’t go to formal with me” or “It would be a ball if you went to formal with me.” The more extravagant and public the askings are the more likely that the girl will enjoy it. The Bell-Chatham school district states “At this time, there are no rules in place about such proposals.” Schools usually help or encourage students to ask each other to dances, but sometimes it is distracting. Even though guys stress about it, girls sometimes prefer just to be asked straightforward. I believe that if you go to a dance it shouldn’t create so much tension for people. For example, there was a couple where he had paid for her to go to Disneyland as well as Formal. This is outrageous for a guy to pay $100 for Disneyland and to pay approximately $150 for Formal. Another example of outrageous askings is a guy gave a girl a car just so she would go to Formal with him. So next time when you’re asking someone to Formal, remember you do not need to spend money or go over the top. Cliches are sometimes not the best way to go, so do something simple. Have fun at Formal, kids!

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