American Sniper


Staff Writer

Clint Eastwood’s new movie American Sniper is hitting the box office and has also gotten a few Oscar nominations. The movie is based on Chris Kyle’s autobiographical book where he discusses how he fought “savage, despicable evil” and had “fun” doing it. The evil he is referencing to are the Iraqi soldiers. Knowing this, people of course believed the movie would be just another example of war propaganda. Which, if some people would actually open up their eyes they would realize that yes, it is propaganda. Before the opinionated people start saying I have “no respect for this country, blah blah blah,” I am here to tell you that I do love this country, but war? I hate war!

War is about revenge and killing not only the “enemies,” but innocent people are killed as well. This movie is portraying that all of the middle-east is evil, and death is the only answer. However, no one wants to talk about the Iraqi soldiers, that they also have a wife and a family, just like Chris Kyle. The movie even showed an Iraqi soldier but he’s not a hero like Chris, he’s the enemy. Only proving that this movie shows only one side, and that the other side is purely evil. However if the roles were reversed, America would be disgusted for being presented as the enemies.

Continuing on, how did others feel about the movie after? Well, that depends on their race. A middle eastern woman was both physically and emotionally attacked when leaving the theater after the movie ended and security did not do anything. Saba Amina, a friend of the woman, is too scared to even enter a movie theater along with many other Muslims living here in America. I mean how can you not be scared? People are even tweeting things so vulgar it makes me question who the real bad guys are here. “American Sniper made me appreciate soldiers 100x more and hate Muslims 100000x more” and “American Sniper makes me want to shoot some Arabs,” are a few examples on how ignorant some people really are.  People should want to go and stop war from happening after watching this film, not make it more desirable.

Last thing, yes, soldiers should be respected for risking their lives for their country, and that means any soldier from any country. Making it more clear that war is the enemy, not the ones portrayed in this film.

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