Trivia Crack is Crack


Staff Writer

Shelby Jehle... Trivia Crack

Here’s to another new app that has taken over everyone’s phones. Just as Angry Birds and Flappy Bird once inhabited our daily lives, now the non-bird related game, Trivia Crack, has become the new sensation. This new game gets us all to spend every waking moment playing against our friends and random people, answering questions about either history, science, sports, entertainment, art, geography, or, if you’re lucky enough, you can land on a crown and go straight to the final question that will get you any character of your choice. So, if you did not know… there are six categories and the first person to collect all six characters beats their opponent.

The objective here, as we all know, is to get those six characters and crush your friends’ hopes of feeling smart. It is a known fact that everyone who has played has felt that terrible feeling of losing to someone, especially if you have done the group challenges; those are the real soul killers, yet you are not able to stop so you continue to play and play and play. Even as this is being written, and I talk about how Trivia Crack has literally become like crack addicting people to it, I myself pause to check my phone to see who has played me back.

One of the downfalls I find in this game is the fact that everyday people write the questions that we answer, so are they 100% accurate… who knows? Some people say that it is bad to constantly be playing this game and that it is just a waste of time and keeps you constantly on your phone, but I personally have learned more from Trivia Crack than in all my years of school. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has learned some new interesting things from this app, as well as applied some of my own knowledge from school to the game too. Lastly, what I want to know, is how long it will last until the next new app is out. I guess for now, we should just enjoy this little trivia game that brings great happiness, as well as annoyance whilst you are losing. All in all, this game can be pretty intense and tests your knowledge, as well as your patience, but it is still fun and everyone should download it.


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