Pope Visit


Staff Writer

Earlier this year, Pope Francis visited Sri Lanka and the Philippines. He was in Sri Lanka for the 13 – 15 of January. The Pope talked much about human rights and the healing of the war that took place in 2008. Many Buddhist extremists caused multiple problems over the years. They seeked war against anyone who did not follow their beliefs.  “Sri Lanka for many years knew the horrors of civil strife and is now seeking to consolidate peace and to heal the scars of those years,” Pope Francis said.

Next, the Pope visited the Philippines from 15 – 19 of January. During his time there he went to a few different places around the Philippines. Only about 7% of the Philippines is Catholic, but this visit did not cause any problems. Pope Francis gave many speeches about human rights and the catastrophes the country has gone through. He went to several cities where the hurricane hit, and spoke to the people of the villages. His hopes were to bring morale to the Catholics and Christians that lived in those villages. On his visit he did not only speak to the Catholics and Christians, but to all of the people of the Philippines.

During most of the visit he spoke English, even though Spanish is his native language, in preparation for his United States visit later this year.

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