How Do You Tie?


Staff Writer

For generations people have been tying their shoes usually two different ways. In pre-school we were either taught the two bunny loops or wrap around the bunny loop. There are many different methods of tying your shoe laces.

As we went around El Diamante asking the same question,”How do you tie your laces?”, we got many different answers.

Madi Lickey and Austin Ellis put their shoes on, fix their tongue and cross the laces while putting one under the other and pulling tight. Then, put one into the loop or “the tree” and wrap the other lace or “the rabbit” around the tree. Put the rabbit into the hole they’ve created and pull tight, creating one way to tie your shoes.

Salissity Hernandez and Michael Aries wrap one end around the other to tie a half knot. Then, pull tight and form a loop with one end and again with the other. They wrap it around the first loop to complete the bow and pull the loops to make it tight and the laces even, creating the best way to tie your laces.

While we roamed the halls of the high school, we met up with the famous JC Robles and we asked him. Robles stated,”I put my shoes on. I look at them and tell them to be tied. Just like that, my shoes are tied”.

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