Immigration Policies


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Recently in Washington, President Obama was voted against by the Republican U.S House. Barack Obama had immigration policies in which he had planned to approve legislation, by doing so this would take away the protection that was helping many immigrants. This would give Obama the power to expose the millions of young immigrants.

About 236-191 of votes will provide at least $40 billion to help pay for The Homeland Security Department. Republicans were accused by Democrats;Democrats have said Republicans had been messing around with politics. Obama has been said to threaten to veto legislation.

Obama was accused of having reckless actions against the immigrants. Republicans wanted this assault to stop because there was no reason for it. John Boehner, House Speaker, says,” The executive overreach is an affront to the rule of law and to the Constitution itself. The people made clear that they wanted more accountability from this president, and by our votes here today we will heed their will and we will keep our oath to protect and defend the Constitution.”

Republicans have also been accused by a man with the name of Luis Gutierrez. He claims that Republicans have been “rude”. David Price shares with us, “ It’s reprehensible, reckless tactic which will compromise, has already compromised, the full and effective functioning of our Homeland Security Department.” They have experienced risks that have been involved in the security.

During the month of November Obama announced the relief of temporary deportation to a few of the 4 million immigrants. Republicans won the midterm elections in which it allowed them to take control of  the Senate.

Republicans are 6 votes away to approve most of the legislation in the Senate. Many Republicans feel uncomfortable with the House GOP being present. Especially because they have been trying to fund the security for the Paris terrorist attack. Republicans have had a thought that the Senate would not approve of the plan they had. They fear that they will be forced to end the funding towards the security department they had for the Paris attacks.

Many realized that the Senate may refuse their approach. They believe they will be forced into passing The Homeland Security funding. The expectation date for Homeland Security is coming soon. House leaders only have a small amount of time to come up with a different solution. Immigrants have said to Republicans that many Latino voters will be angry during the presidential elections of 2016 and it will have a big impact against them.


Brain Scans Revelation


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Science and the medical field have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time, but now is a revolutionary time for the two. New studies on brain scans and brain functions have revealed extraordinary information. Brain scans can help predict people’s functions.

One of these new studies survey over 70 publications about brain scans exposed that doctors would have more success treating patients if they had completed a brain scan on them. This is because the brain actually reveals things such as what therapy would help an addict, or what teenagers are more likely to try drugs. The reason for this is that brains look different for different types of people. For example, a brain suffering from depression shows this as does a brain of a sociopath and that of a person enduring schizophrenia. The way the brain is formed and the way that neurons are connected determine the way a person’s body is functioning.

What does all of this mean? This means that brain scans are advancing; soon they will become a tool used to predict a patient’s future health wise. However, since we are not quite at that stage yet, there are more moves to take. The task is now to figure out how the individual’s variation seen is related to the individual’s behavior.

2015 is going to be an exciting year for science and the medical field. Newer and higher technical medical machines are going to be implemented, thus furthering the study and practice of brain scans. Hopefully there will be a point reached where a simple brain scan will be able to discover and unveil all that is wrong or could become wrong with a patient’s body. For now the goal is to discover how the brain’s behaviors can be predicted and properly taken care of.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

How Do You Tie?


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For generations people have been tying their shoes usually two different ways. In pre-school we were either taught the two bunny loops or wrap around the bunny loop. There are many different methods of tying your shoe laces.

As we went around El Diamante asking the same question,”How do you tie your laces?”, we got many different answers.

Madi Lickey and Austin Ellis put their shoes on, fix their tongue and cross the laces while putting one under the other and pulling tight. Then, put one into the loop or “the tree” and wrap the other lace or “the rabbit” around the tree. Put the rabbit into the hole they’ve created and pull tight, creating one way to tie your shoes.

Salissity Hernandez and Michael Aries wrap one end around the other to tie a half knot. Then, pull tight and form a loop with one end and again with the other. They wrap it around the first loop to complete the bow and pull the loops to make it tight and the laces even, creating the best way to tie your laces.

While we roamed the halls of the high school, we met up with the famous JC Robles and we asked him. Robles stated,”I put my shoes on. I look at them and tell them to be tied. Just like that, my shoes are tied”.

How To Choose Your Future


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At this point in a lot of lives, especially as a senior, a lot of us are unsure as to what we want to do with the rest of our lives. Adulthood is not that far away, and for me, the day I walk out of these gates is the day I’m officially on my own. Even though I think about what to do almost every day of my life, I’m still not 100% sure what the future holds for me. Personally, my brother and sister have been my parent figures in my life. Although we do not live with each other, as they’re both married, I still see them from time to time and they give me advice on life whenever I’m with them. A lot of the time they tell me I can literally do anything. And I can’t stress enough to people how true that actually is. My brother once told me to do things while you’re young, even if it isn’t something you want to do for the rest of your life, because as people we aren’t getting any younger and going out and trying new things only becomes harder as time goes on.

So I encourage people to go places and see new people. The farther you go outside of Visalia, the more you realize that people are completely different. Go out and find a city with culture and interesting people. Go intern at a company that looks fun. Go out and travel and see the world for what it actually is. You will learn so much from going and experiencing things  yourself. Although, it seems like at this point on our lives it is a race for money. Money isn’t everything in life. What do we get for getting a good education? A good job that gets us money! I’m not saying not to do that, but I want people to see that money isn’t everything. What do we ultimately make money to do with it? We spend it. So don’t be afraid to spend it on a new experience, even if you don’t know where it will lead you. I’m not saying to spend it in dumb ways. You should always be smart with your money, but don’t let it own you.

So go out and live an interesting life. Be happy and go places you never thought you’d go. Take a trip across the United States, or maybe even the world. Go do something that makes you happy, and see where it takes you. And that’s what I’m going to do; go out and experience things for what they are, even if it doesn’t mean I’ll be doing that for the rest of my life.



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We are in a rut, class of 2015. Second semester has started, our classes still expect attendance, and the inevitable pull to not do so has sunk in. And so now we begin our break from reality. Senior year has become a semicolon, by definition, “indicating a pause,” from the usual drive we had once maintained in reference to schoolwork. The problem with this, however, is that nothing else has paused besides our mindsets. Graduation is yet to come, so it’s not as though this is the end of our high school careers. Grades still matter, classes still exist, and 94 remains an unreasonable percent,  but something we must reach regardless. Sign up for Saturday School. Just do it. Taking a nap for four hours is better than seeing the rest of your class graduate when you had every ability to be right there with them. Do your homework. I know. It sucks. I know. It’s terrible. So is school. Deal with it.

Whether we like it or not, it’s time we end this sentence, as cliche as that might be. We have taken our pause, begun to let our grades slip, and now it’s time finish the year off for that inevitable end of school  “period”. Let’s just suck it up. It’s not like any of us use semicolons anyways. Stop using them as guidelines for our lives.

Pope Visit


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Earlier this year, Pope Francis visited Sri Lanka and the Philippines. He was in Sri Lanka for the 13 – 15 of January. The Pope talked much about human rights and the healing of the war that took place in 2008. Many Buddhist extremists caused multiple problems over the years. They seeked war against anyone who did not follow their beliefs.  “Sri Lanka for many years knew the horrors of civil strife and is now seeking to consolidate peace and to heal the scars of those years,” Pope Francis said.

Next, the Pope visited the Philippines from 15 – 19 of January. During his time there he went to a few different places around the Philippines. Only about 7% of the Philippines is Catholic, but this visit did not cause any problems. Pope Francis gave many speeches about human rights and the catastrophes the country has gone through. He went to several cities where the hurricane hit, and spoke to the people of the villages. His hopes were to bring morale to the Catholics and Christians that lived in those villages. On his visit he did not only speak to the Catholics and Christians, but to all of the people of the Philippines.

During most of the visit he spoke English, even though Spanish is his native language, in preparation for his United States visit later this year.

Twitter Accounts Hacked


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A military wife reTwitters Accounts Hacked by ALEENA BEIGcalls staying up all night and deleting every Facebook picture of her children, every post that mentioned them or where they went to school. She Googled herself, trying to figure out how easy it would be to find where the family  lived. In the morning, she went to her car and scraped the military decal off the front window.

As the spouse of a Special Forces soldier, she has always tried to be conscious of how much she advertises that she and her three young children are a military family.

“It is hard because I am so proud of what my husband does, but lately so many spouses that I know are actually scared that they could be targets of ISIS or someone who sympathizes with ISIS,” she said, asking that her name stay out of the story for that reason.

This week brought the latest in a string of attacks that members of military families say has spooked them into quietly changing the way they operate online and in real life.

The U.S. military’s Central Command Twitter account was  hacked.


The hacker managed to post other threatening messages, propaganda videos and some military documents until the accounts were disabled. Central Command quickly assured that it was relatively easy to hack Twitter, no serious security details were revealed, and it would find who was behind the hack.

Trivia Crack is Crack


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Shelby Jehle... Trivia Crack

Here’s to another new app that has taken over everyone’s phones. Just as Angry Birds and Flappy Bird once inhabited our daily lives, now the non-bird related game, Trivia Crack, has become the new sensation. This new game gets us all to spend every waking moment playing against our friends and random people, answering questions about either history, science, sports, entertainment, art, geography, or, if you’re lucky enough, you can land on a crown and go straight to the final question that will get you any character of your choice. So, if you did not know… there are six categories and the first person to collect all six characters beats their opponent.

The objective here, as we all know, is to get those six characters and crush your friends’ hopes of feeling smart. It is a known fact that everyone who has played has felt that terrible feeling of losing to someone, especially if you have done the group challenges; those are the real soul killers, yet you are not able to stop so you continue to play and play and play. Even as this is being written, and I talk about how Trivia Crack has literally become like crack addicting people to it, I myself pause to check my phone to see who has played me back.

One of the downfalls I find in this game is the fact that everyday people write the questions that we answer, so are they 100% accurate… who knows? Some people say that it is bad to constantly be playing this game and that it is just a waste of time and keeps you constantly on your phone, but I personally have learned more from Trivia Crack than in all my years of school. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has learned some new interesting things from this app, as well as applied some of my own knowledge from school to the game too. Lastly, what I want to know, is how long it will last until the next new app is out. I guess for now, we should just enjoy this little trivia game that brings great happiness, as well as annoyance whilst you are losing. All in all, this game can be pretty intense and tests your knowledge, as well as your patience, but it is still fun and everyone should download it.