The Evils Behind the Farming Industry


Staff Writer

It’s weird to think that the chicken placed on that plate was once alive. It’s also weird to think that the same chicken and millions of others have been brutally tortured just to satisfy one’s selfish cravings. Sadly, not many people see the abuse behind eating chicken, beef, pork, dairy, or anything else that has to do with abusing animals. I am here to enlighten those who would like to know how horrific and inhumane the farming industry really is to animals.

According to the Farm Animal Rights movement, the amount of animals killed for meat, dairy, and eggs exceeds over 65 million a year, globally. Does anyone know how wrong this is? Yes, there are people who can see how wrong this is, yet hardly anyone ever decides to actually make a change. “People care about animals. I believe that. They just don’t want to know or to pay. A fourth of all chickens have stress fractures. It’s wrong. They’re packed body to body, and can’t escape their waste, and never see the sun. Their nails grow around the bars of their cages. It’s wrong. They feel their slaughters. It’s wrong, and people know it’s wrong” (Jonathan Safran Foer, Eating Animals). Ok, so hopefully everyone can finally agree and be willing to change now knowing killing animals is not a good thing. Who would have known? (sarcasm at it’s highest, ladies and gentlemen)

Knowing this, there is a supposed myth that being vegan does not give all the essential nutrients needed in one’s diet. On the contrary, according to a recent study, “Vegan foods are cholesterol-free, generally low in saturated fat, and high in fiber, complex carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients. They’re often packed with protein and cancer-fighting phytochemicals, and vegans can easily obtain all the vitamins (including vitamins B12 and D) and minerals (including calcium and iron) that they need” (PETA Prime). Moreover, eating meat does more harm than others would think, “Meat, eggs, and dairy products are high in artery-clogging cholesterol, saturated fat, and calories. They don’t contain fiber or various vitamins, and the hormones, toxins, and antibiotics that are often found in animal-based food have been linked to a litany of health problems” (PETA Prime). Yikes! This supposed myth was probably birthed by the farming industry to manipulate people’s mind and to of course boost their earnings.

Another common counter argument people seem to run to is that the animals are killed humanely. Is this a joke? There is no such thing as killing something in a “humane” way. To put it differently, people are saying that killing an innocent animal for a company’s profit is ok? Since when is killing an animal for money humane? Even people like Jeff Lerch who worked at a slaughterhouse can gladly prove that even someone who contributed to an animal’s version of hell can change and prove animals have feelings. “Cows do think and have emotion. I worked the largest slaughterhouse on the planet, Iowa Beef. We killed 200 cattle an hour. When the cattle were moving close to the kill spot, they would weep, crying with big tears trembling with fear. You can smell the blood when you’re getting close, and I am sure they knew what’s up. The unborn baby calfs had the blood sucked out of them before taking a breath, then thrown into what would become dog food. I have stories that can make your hair stand on end. Cows have emotions, just like your dog or cat or farm kids would have them as pets until parents would sell them to make your hamburger”

So, now everyone has finally been educated on some of the horrors the farming industry has to offer. Now, how can we put an end to this slaughter? Stop eating meat! Stop supporting this corrupt farming industry! I can agree to say it is a hard transition to commit to, but if it means saving the lives of animals we share this planet with, I would never regret the decision of saying no to eating animals.

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