Pitbulls and Their Bad Reputation


Staff Writer

The American Pit Bull used to be the sweetheart breed before the mid-80’s. Before that time these dogs could walk around without provoking any potential threat. Now these breeds are even illegal to have in several states.

The origin of pit bulls dates back to be a useful dog during World War I. Pit Bulls translated is “Bull Biter” which means that the Pit Bull was responsible for biting the bull on the nose until the bull was subdued. This was trained unto the Pit Bill until it was banned. Now they are using this behavior to become working and herding dogs. Pit Bulls became mascots for many different things like sports, shoes, and in movies.

Then came the first few dog bites that were reported around 1986. Dog fights were growing popular and the Pit Bull was the dog of choice. Dog fighting became banned so that meant the dog was banned as well.

Currently people are fighting to overturn these laws but every time those who are working to dispose the law, a new one seems to present itself. In Florida things seem to look good in terms of change, but now there is a law in progress in Wisconsin on the ban of Pit Bulls. It just needs to come to realization that it is not the Pit Bulls but the humans that are putting the aggressive behavior within them at an early stage. These dogs need to be trained as a safe dog for children and for the community when they grow up. As long as those who work together to change the image from threatening to loyal it can slowly change the minds arounds us. Then soon owners can have an American Pit Bull in whatever state they want.

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